Landscaping – About Phil Sarros

Designing Dreams and Building Memories
Sarros Landscaping is a family run business operated by Company President, Phil Sarros. We specialize in residential landscape design and construction. Our “style” is to create functional, organic and flowing gardens and surfaces with curved lines, easy maintenance and free-form stone and wooden structures. Our design philosophy is to build elegance, color and warmth into every design and complement the architecture of the home and neighborhood. You won’t need a master gardener once your project is complete. A Sarros Landscaping design is full of life and offers a pleasant retreat for the entire family.

Phil’s Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Mechanical Engineering – University of Akron – Akron, OH
  • 2002 – Present: President, Sarros Landscaping – Cumming, GA
  • Level 1-A Erosion Certification
  • December, 2004 – Contractor of the month
  • 2004 – Contractor of the Year Award
  • Featured on three HGTV programs
  • 2007 – selected as the Atlanta Dream Home Landscaper for Redbook, Women’s Day and Good Housekeeping Magazine

Phil’s Articles

Phil has been an active member of the Lawn and Landscape Magazine Market Insight Council and regularly contributes articles to Lawn and Landscape magazine, the landscape industry’s largest publication. Select a link below to read Phil’s articles.

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  • Outdoor Fireplaces Supplemental to Turn up the Heat article
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