Phil Sarros – Landscape Consultant

Phil Sarros is the CEO of Sarros Landscaping and a Landscape Consultant for commercial and residential clients.

landscape consultant Phil Serros

Phil’s Background:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Mechanical Engineering – University of Akron – Akron, OH
  • 2002 – Present: President, Sarros Landscaping – Cumming, GA/
  • Level 1-A Erosion Certification
  • December, 2004 – Contractor of the month
  • 2004 – Contractor of the Year Award
  • Featured on three HGTV programs
  • 2007 – selected as the Atlanta Dream Home Landscaper for Redbook, Women’s Day and Good Housekeeping Magazine

Hire Phil Sarros for the following small business services:

  • Custom business form design (MS WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT)
  • Print and promotional material design and printing for your business
    • Business Cards
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Postcards
    • Inserts
    • More…
  • Web promotion and online showcasing
  • Small Business Consulting
    • Marketing 101 – This is a four-hour interactive consultation that begins by outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing plan. During this interactive session, you will develop a twelve month marketing plan designed to drastically improve your visibility with your target audience and set a course for the continuous growth of your business.
    • Bidding and Estimating – This is an eight-hour, interactive consultation that will look at every line item in your direct costs and overhead costs and will develop a method to bid and estimate jobs that will ensure you are never losing money on any job. Note that this method works for any service business, not just landscaping.
    • Rock-Solid Customer Service – This is a four-hour course that is great for your entire team. During this course we’ll cover the most professional ways to serve your customer that will ensure referral business. We’ll also discuss the following:
      • How to deal with difficult customers
      • ispute resolution
      • How to handle project and design changes
      • How to protect yourself legally
      • Five principals of managing customer relationships
      • From contractor to “partner”…increasing your value with the customer
    • Introduction to ICP’s – Does your team need an overview of the proper installation methods and techniques for pavers? This eight-hour, interactive class will work with your entire team to answer their installation questions as we build a sample patio or work on your actual project site. Time permitting, this course will also cover most fundamentals of retaining wall construction.
    • Five Absolutely Necessary Business Documents – This is an eight-hour consultation that covers the five forms that EVERY service business must have to be successful, manage their business and protect themselves.
      1. Mission Statement & Vision Statement – These are at the core of “who” you are and “what” direction you are moving in. Begin with the end in mind and involve your entire team in the process of WINNING!
      2. Contracts – How to write a rock-solid contract that customers are happy to sign
      3. Field Operations Manual – The policies and procedures that everyone from supervisors to laborers need to know about and follow
      4. Job Jackets – The essential forms that need to accompany every single job, small or large
      5. Job Descriptions – Take the confusion out of hiring, training and managing employees by clearly defining their role within your company and setting expectations
    • Mind The Books Workshop (*NOTE – This workshop requires you to be a QuickBooks user )– In this workshop, you’ll learn how to simplify your life and your business by using the many tools built into QuickBooks software. Many of the items covered include:
      • Creating Professional Estimates that “WOW” your customers
      • Automating your invoicing
      • Tracking costs
      • Know where your money is going
      • Automating payments and never write another check (requires online BillPay through your financial institution)
      • Automate expense entry
      • General Journals
      • Memorized Transactions
      • How to account for PayPal and Credit Card Fees
      • Clean up your Chart of Accounts, Items and Lists
      • How to use reports to forecast, plan and understand the financial health of your company
      • Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • Business Workshop I – This is a very intense, two-day interactive session where we’ll dive into the details of your business and look at which changes are going to bring about the most dramatic impact. We’ll then work with you and your team to create a solid, measurable, time-specific plan that will bring back the enjoyment of being an entrepreneur with a PROFITABLE business!
    • Business Workshop II – This four-day course is not for the light hearted or uncommitted owner. We are going to get personal about what is causing you pain and you are going to be given the opportunity to create the life and business you’ve always dreamed about. The week ends with a special event for your entire team and a very powerful message from a well known friend and keynote speaker.


Phil Sarros, Green Industry Consultant, will be offering the ICPI Level I course certification at the following locations/events:

December 9, 10, 2009

  • Course Sponsor: Boral Brick Company
  • Location: Dallas, TX

December 15, 16, 2009

  • Course Sponsor: Boral Brick Company
  • Location: Roswell, GA

March 30, 31, 2010

  • Course Sponsor: Shaw Brick Company & Landscape New Brunswick
  • Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada