Remote Project Management

You may be asking yourself what remote project management really means. I’ve spent two decades writing crystal clear scopes of work and have 20 years of managing the details of your project.

Remote project management is the process of hiring us, when you are out of our service area, to help you create a clear scope of work and coordinate site visits to and video calls to keep everyone accountable for keeping their commitments, both with time and budget.

I have managed remote projects throughout the US and Canada and even oversees. On some occasions, it becomes necessary to make one or two site visits and that is handled through a separate travel agreement.

I am often able to save clients thousands of dollars, help them screen and select the best contractor for the project and ensure all construction details are followed.

Costs for remote project management are 10% of the total project cost up to $7,000, 15% of total project costs over $50,000, and 20% of total project costs over $50,000. Ultimately the goal is to save you the headaches of managing the project and ensure the contractor has followed the written scope of work.

If you’d like to hire Phil for this service, please indicate on the design request form by checking the appropriate cost.

Initial phone call is free for 15 minutes. We bill at $200 per hour for subsequent calls and will likely save you a lot more money on the actual construction of the project itself. Again, we do travel to roughly 30% of the project we manage so additional flights, rentals, hotels and per diems are outlined in a separate contract.

Please visit and be sure to check the box for remote project management. Imagine leaving all the expert details to us and knowing that you are getting a great project in the end!